A bit about Branson

Branson Guitars

Greg Branson has spent his entire adult life playing, building, destroying, designing, buying, selling and fixing guitars. All kinds of ‘em. He has been a working musician for over 50 years, has owned every cool guitar in the book and at this point is unimpressed by either rock stars or expensive guitars.

After too many years designing instruments for some of the top companies in the business, he has decided to start putting his own name on his work, with the goal of producing guitars that are absolutely professional level instruments but are still very reasonably priced.

After all, the vast majority of working musicians are not in any position to spend thousands of dollars for yuppie collector guitars to hang on the wall. Working players need no-BS instruments that will sound good, play good, look good and keep doing it night after night after night. In the Branson collection you will find only quality instruments. Each one will come to you professionally set up and ready to play. You will find no GSO’s (guitar shaped objects) or instruments that can only be used after hundreds of dollars of re-working.

Having been on the inside of the guitar business for these many years, Mr. Branson knows where to get the good stuff at the right price and how to put it all together to make a top quality instrument without breaking the bank.